The Director of Communications (Director) plays a foundational role in the execution of Point Blue’s strategic priorities. S/he is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive communications strategy to further establish Point Blue as a leader in climate-smart conservation science, especially among current and potential funders and others interested in mitigating climate change through nature-based solutions.

The Director will collaboratively advance the development and articulation of Point Blue’s key messages, vision, strategic goals and priority initiatives to enhance philanthropic giving. This communications effort will also strengthen relations with natural resource management agency partners. The Director will implement a range of tactics to extend Point Blue’s reach and impact, including leveraging the full potential of Point Blue’s staff and board to engage new and existing donors. This person will require an ability to translate complex science and scientific initiatives into compelling, valuable and actionable messages to our funders, target stakeholders, and key partners.

Point Blue is currently engaged with Ingenuity Design to develop a brand expansion strategy, upgrade the website and enhance the social media strategy. The Director of Communications will build upon these findings and together with the Management Team advance standards for all communications including website content, popular publications, social media, donor communications and public relations messaging in order to further Point Blue’s mission and build support for its urgent initiatives. This “storyteller-in-chief” has the important job of identifying, translating and developing content in collaboration with lead scientists and program staff that highlights Point Blue’s urgent priorities and motivates a range of partners and supporters. The Director will establish content plans for target audiences, develop story maps and facilitate an expedited review process for a timely response to new findings, partnerships and initiatives. S/he will build Point Blue’s brand integrity through regular, high-quality and cumulative communications that build recognition, engagement and impact.

The Director of Communications reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and works closely with the CEO, Management Team members, other leadership staff, Board members and external partners. The Director will be responsible for directly managing a small team (currently 1.5 FTE with additional growth likely) in strategic communications (public relations, social media, direct marketing, web design, etc.).


At the core of Point Blue’s work is ecosystem science, studying birds, whales, vegetation, soil and other environmental indicators to sustain wildlife and nature’s benefits (such as fresh water, carbon sequestration, and climate regulation) for wildlife and people. We advance nature’s health through extensive collaborations with government agencies, private land owners, researchers and others. We work with all the major public habitat and wildlife managers, and with private interests – from ranchers and farmers to fishermen and the shipping industry. We are active science leaders in major regional, national, and international conservation partnerships. Point Blue not only does the science—we bring the science to wildlife and habitat managers, working hand in hand with them to improve conservation outcomes—for ecological and economic benefits.

Point Blue is a leader in community-based restoration and conservation, helping ecosystems and people adapt to rapid changes in the environment. We manage and interpret over a billion ecological observations from across the Americas, including their invaluable long-term bird ecology data, to understand natural and human-caused change over time, and catalyze climate-smart conservation. We develop sophisticated decision support tools to improve conservation today and in the future. Point Blue’s information technology expertise is making our extensive data, as well as data from partners across the country and the world, readily usable by—and useful to—habitat and wildlife managers and decision-makers for climate-smart conservation. Point Blue brings the science needed by public and private wildlife and habitat managers to improve conservation outcomes for ecological and economic benefits.

Point Blue also educates school children and trains budding ecologists, having graduated over 1700 conservation science interns over the past several decades, inspiring the next-generation of conservation leaders. Founded in 1965, the core values of Point Blue’s work are innovation, scientific rigor, collaboration, excellence, and integrity. We have earned a reputation for excellence in science and collaboration.

Point Blue is working to implement climate-smart conservation and disseminate what we are learning globally. Our efforts are organized around six strategic initiatives:

  1. Catalyzing Climate-Smart Restoration: Restoration is key to reversing habitat loss and preparing for future environmental conditions. Point Blue empowers and develops innovative restoration approaches to help ecosystems and people prepare for and adapt to a rapidly changing world.
  2. Conserving Ocean Food Webs: Point Blue scientists are addressing the growing threats to marine life from the California Current to the Ross Sea, Antarctica. We assess ocean health, reduce human disturbance, and guide protection of seabirds, seals, sea lions, whales and other marine wildlife to give them more time to adapt to a warming climate and ocean acidification.
  3. Informatics for Climate-Smart Conservation: With over one billion ecological observations in our care, we are partnering with natural resource management agencies (federal to local), NGOs and local governments to advance climate-smart management using Point Blue tools and analytics.
  4. Protecting our Shorelines: We are prioritizing the best places and practices to protect coastal habitats in the face of more severe storms and rising seas, and collaboratively guiding nature-based solutions that provide “green infrastructure” for wildlife and our communities.
  5. Securing Water and Wildlife on Working Lands: We are advancing wildlife-friendly grazing, farming and forestry practices to increase groundwater storage and a resilient water cycle; increase soil carbon storage; sustain birds and other wildlife; and make working lands more economically productive. We are developing metrics to document, improve and replicate our successes.
  6. Training the Next Generation: Point Blue is providing hands-on climate-smart conservation science training for future scientists and educators, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to study and protect nature’s benefits for wildlife and people.


The Director of Communications must have excellent project management and editorial skills with a keen understanding of both external and internal audiences. S/he will deliver creative, and innovative “business-to-business” and “business-to-consumer” communications, set high expectations for the team, and maintain an open, supportive and collaborative environment where colleagues can enjoy challenges and opportunities, and work for constant improvement and excellence. The Director will create effective, efficient systems to make the complex simple.

Specific responsibilities include working collaboratively with the Management Team, other senior staff, Board, partners and others to:


A successful Director of Communications will have:


For additional details or to submit your experience for review, please contact:

Nancy Painter
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Point Blue is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants or employees because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, citizenship status, disability status of an otherwise qualified individual, membership or application for membership in a uniformed service, or membership in any other class protected by applicable law and will make reasonable accommodation for applicants with disabilities to complete the application and/or participate in the interview process.