This page contains details on what you should bring to your internship at Palomarin (Palo). While there is enough room for everything you should reasonably need to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, keep in mind that space is limited for personal belongings.


A good pair of binoculars is critical to any work in ornithology. While we have some pairs for intern use, if you have your own pair, please bring them. Binoculars with powers of 8x42, 8x32, or 10x32 are good for bird watching. Check out this binocular buying guide for more information.



Weather at Palo is mild but variable. You may experience many days in a row of: cold, wet fog; warm and sunny; strong winds; or rain. Or, you can experience all of these in a single day! Winter temperatures range from 32-60°F with an average high in the mid-50s. Summer temperatures range from 45-70°F with an average high in the mid-60s.

Some general guidlines for clothing to bring are:

Field work can be particularly rough on clothing. Be sure to bring some clothes you don't mind getting torn and stained.

Other Field Gear


Your personal space in the bunkroom will consist of a bunkbed, 3-4 dresser drawers, some dresser-top space, and some room for hanging clothes.

You will need to bring your own towels, bedding and pillow. A sleeping bag works well as a blanket and is also handy to have for the many camping opportunities around Point Reyes (in the spring we take one group camping trip together). We have a small amount of bedding which is reserved for international interns.

Feel free to bring a few small decorative items to make your space feel more like home.

There is no room for any furniture, no matter how much you love that pink shag Lay-Z-Boy back massage recliner.


The point Reyes area is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, surfing, swimming in the ocean and rivers, and many more. There is a limited amount of outdoor storage at Palo for the "toys" one needs for such pursuits.

Camera: there will be many things to take pictures of during your internship, from birds in the hand to beautiful sunsets.

If you play a small to medium-sized musical instrument you are welcome and encouraged to bring it (no grand pianos, please).

You can bring your personal laptop and connect to the field station wireless internet; please no big downloads.



Palomarin interns are provided with most "household" items necessary, including dish and body soap, laundary detergent, and Technu. Laundry facilities are on site. The kitchen has all dishes, pots, pans, and appliances.

Aside from binoculars and a bander's pocket knife (see above), all equipment necessary for field work is provided.



We're looking forward to having you at Palomarin!