As an Avian Habitat Ecologist for the Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group, I study the ecology of non-breeding shorebirds in the Klamath Basin and Central Valley of California.  My work aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of waterbird conservation by informing managers and policy decisions with pertinent scientific research.  I am currently studying the movements and habitat use of non-breeding shorebirds using a multi-scale approach based on radio-telemetry data.

I lived in several locations during my childhood and I attended Auburn University, where I first studied Wildlife Science and developed my keen interest in avian ecology.  Since then, I have studied avian ecology in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Alabama, and Florida.  I completed my M.S. thesis at Oregon State University in 2011 which focused on the nesting season ecology of Marbled Murrelets in Southeast Alaska.

I am driven by my passion for wildlife and ecosystem conservation.  I love the outdoors and I am intrigued by the interactions within the natural world, no matter how wild or developed.  When not at work, I am an avid hiker and traveler that also enjoys birding, water sports, and several team sports.