I am the Northern Sierra Project Leader for Point Blue Conservation Science. I work on projects that monitor avian response to forest and riparian habitat management in the Sierra Nevada and California Cascades.

I was born, raised, and subsequently educated in California. I received a B.S. in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology from the University of California, Davis. There my studies focused on aquatic ecology, but during my last year my passion for ornithology blossomed. Later I attended Humboldt State University for my M.S. research where I studied the habitat relationships of birds on Jamaican coffee farms with respect to the biological control of coffee pests.

Before arriving at Point Blue, I worked on avian research projects throughout the U.S. These projects focused on a broad range of issues, including riparian conservation, forest management, endangered species, energy development, avian demography, and migration ecology. Over the course of my education and my professional career, I have developed keen interests in bird and wildlife habitat associations, riparian conservation, the intersection of water policy and habitat management, ecosystem services, and population and migratory connectivity.

Like many of our California birds, I "over-winter" at low elevation and migrate upslope for the spring and summer . The Northern Sierra is my home in spring and summer. In fall and winter, I split my time between Woodland and our Petaluma headquarters. When not working you can find me birding, fishing, gardening, hiking, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors.