In the role of editor, responsible for the Point Blue Quarterly (previously the Observer), I have the good fortune to be constantly learning on the job. Scientists and educators with whom I work are great communicators, eager to tell the stories that help translate our science into conservation practice at many levels.

My job centers on shaping quality publications. In addition to our newsletter, I help produce pocket guides, informational hand-outs, bird conservation guides, Point Blue's annual report and Bird-A-Thon report, and more. Variety: the spice of life!  Combining the verbal and visual elements into layout designs is deeply satisfying for a person who loves fine print media.

The opportunity to serve in this capacity began in 1985, when I was asked to temporarily shepherd what was then the PRBO Newsletter. For several years before that, I had volunteered as an intern/field biologist — at the Palomarin Field Station, on Southeast Farallon Island, in shorebird surveys on Bolinas Lagoon, and in Snowy Plover studies on the California coast and at Mono Lake. All this was somewhat surprising: I had studied literature and dabbled in environmental education. That temporary position in the mid-1980s morphed into a long-time role helping with Point Blue communications.

Writing, reading, birding, and teaching (especially about nature) are lifelong passions of mine. It's wonderful to be able to feed and expand these interests at Point Blue. What I learn here sometimes translates into a talk on public radio ("West Coast Live") or a free-lance article (in Bay Nature Magazine, e.g.). 

My home is coastal Marin County. My desk is situated in Point Blue's headquarters. Close association with Rich Stallcup enriched my life immeasurably. I gain satisfaction from participating in this organization's evolution and effectiveness.