As the Executive Assistant at Point Blue my role encompasses a bit of everything.  I team up most closely with Ellie Cohen, Point Blue's President and CEO, and the Board of Directors.  I am often working behind the scenes to ensure that Board of Directors meetings, off-site retreats, on-site conferences, and other events occur with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.  I collaborate with staff from across the Point Blue spectrum--Management, Science, Development, and Finance & Admin.  When a project is identified and may not be an obvious fit in someone else's job description it often falls to me, which allows me to work with some of the best staff the conservation world has to offer.

I have spent years working in the environmental realm including with PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), the Sierra Club, and Earthjustice.  You will also find several green, living roofs in NYC with my fingerprints on them.  Originally from the Chicago area, I spent many a childhood afternoon perched on a shed in the corner of our woodsy suburban yard with binoculars glued to my face, looking for resident and migrant birds. 

My degree is in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, and I have lived in San Diego, Berkeley, and Osaka, Japan, and San Francisco.  I enjoy gardening, cycling, hiking, and keeping track of the various birds and other critters around my home in Novato, CA, which I share with my husband and daughter, and two rambunctious pups, Rascal and Pogo--who can often be found asleep under my desk or mooching treats or attention from other Point Blue colleagues.

I travel extensively whenever I can and am delighted to have seen the rare African Finfoot—twice—while traveling in The Gambia.