I work on sustaining and building Point Blue's supportive and instrumental network of foundation funders.

Before coming to Point Blue, I worked with a wide range of conservation groups for nearly 20 years, and have specialized in program and campaign management, communications and fundraising.

Right before I came to Point Blue, I was development director at Interfaith Power and Light, a faith-based organization focused on educating and mobilizing the religious community to take action on climate change. Before that, I was a program director at Resource Media, a nonprofit organization that specializes in strategic communications and media outreach for environmental organizations. I've also served as a program officer for WildSpaces, a foundation that provides both strategic and financial support to activists and organizations working to protect wildlands throughout California, and worked with a variety of organizations and campaigns to protect parks and wildernesses in southern California. I have also published several articles on environmental issues in California Wild, National Parks, Sierra and the San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday magazine. I have a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley and a M.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.

My impetus for doing this work started when I was a lifelong city dweller and took a job as a seasonal park ranger in Grand Teton National Park as a lark. I have been sold on wildland and wildlife conservation ever since.

I live in Petaluma near a local open space preserve set aside for the American Badger.