As a Wetlands Ecologist at Point Blue, my work centers around understanding waterbirds and their varied habitats including coastal estuaries, inland wetlands, and flooded agriculture. My primary responsibility is managing The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey and helping to further the conservation of shorebirds and their habitats in the Western Hemisphere.  I also work with private landowners in the Sacramento Valley to improve the habitat value of rice for waterbirds.

Growing up in Ohio, my family took frequent camping trips which inspired my interest in the natural world.  Encouraged by professors at Ohio Wesleyan University, I focused on ornithology.  I received a Master's degree from Kansas State University where I studied shorebirds and their use of agricultural habitats from Nebraska to Uruguay. 

Knowing that data collected at Point Blue will inform land management and the conservation of species is powerful.  As part of my work, I get to apply our conservation science on the ground and see the results.  I really enjoy translating our conservation science into why we care - and how concerned citizens can help.  In the field of conservation science, we need to communicate our work in meaningful ways, so that people will care enough about birds and natural systems to help protect them.

I spend most of my time at a Point Blue office in West Marin.

Featured Work: 

The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey

Evaluating an Alternative Approach to Managing Post-harvest Rice for Waterbirds in California’s Central Valley

Waterbird Habitat Enhancement Program