As a Waterbird Ecologist with the Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group at Point Blue, most of my work is focused on the ecology and conservation of snowy plovers in the Monterey Bay region.  

After receiving my BA in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz in 1993, I studied seabird reproductive biology in Alaska and Maine and shorebird migration in the Midwest. After joining Point Blue in 1996, I completed an MS in Environmental Studies at San Jose State University in 2003 where my thesis work focused on the effect of predator management on reproductive success of snowy plovers. 

In addition to snowy plover conservation and management, my primary research interests are ecology of sandy beach shorebirds and the impacts of human disturbance on shorebirds and other waterbirds. Other projects I have managed have included a study of the effects of human disturbance on shorebirds at Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, and a study of the effects of beach morphology on the distribution of shorebirds in Monterey Bay.

Featured Work:

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