I am an ecologist conducting research at the intersection of population dynaics, biodiversity conservation, and global change. As Senior Research Ecologist in the Pacific Coast and Central Valley group, my current research is focused on climate-smart riparian and wetland conservation in the Central Valley of California. I also enjoy getting to work on a wide array of projects with partners and other Point Blue staff, and getting to mentor and work with interns at the Palomarin Field Station and through the STRAW program.

I hold a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California, Davis, where I was fortunate to be advised by Dr. John M. Eadie in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. I conducted my dissertation research at the Palomarin Field Station in collaboration with Point Blue staff, studying effects of weather and projecting impacts of climate change on the local population of Song Sparrows. Originally from Houston, TX, I was drawn to California by an AmeriCorps program, which led to getting to work with songbirds, shorebirds, hawks, owls, and salmonids, along with many wonderful people who became friends and mentors. I'm now happy to call San Francisco home.


Featured Work

bioenergmod: An R package developed for bioenergetics modeling, to compare the daily energy requirements of a wildlife population of interest to the daily energy supply available, taking into account dynamic habitat availability and consumption in previous time steps.

State of the Ranch: A series of interactive web pages displaying data collected by Point Blue Conservation Science staff at TomKat Ranch, including weather, vegetation, soils, stream flow, and birds.


Selected Publications

Dybala KE, Truan ML, Engilis A (2015) Summer vs. winter: Examining the temporal distribution of avian biodiversity to inform conservation. Condor 117:560-576. DOI: 10.1650/CONDOR-1-41.1

Dybala, KE, Seavy NE, Dettling MD, Gilbert M, Melcer R, Gardali T (2014) Does restored riparian habitat create ecological traps for riparian birds through increased Brown-headed Cowbird nest parasitism? Ecological Restoration 32:239-248. DOI: 10.3368/er.32.3.239

Dybala KE, Eadie JM, Gardali T, Seavy NE, Herzog MP (2013) Projecting demographic responses to climate change: adult and juvenile survival respond differently to direct and indirect effects of weather in a passerine population. Global Change Biology 9:2688–2697. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12228

Dybala KE, Gardali T, Eadie JM (2013) Dependent vs. independent survival: contrasting drivers of variation and the buffering effect of parental care. Ecology 94:1584-1593. DOI: 10.1890/12-1443.1

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