As a STRAW (Students & Teachers Restoring a Watershed) Restoration and Outreach Technician, I plan and assist student-implemented watershed restoration workdays and maintain, monitor and report on restoration sites in the North Bay. I like introducing young students to restoration and showing them how they can restore their local watersheds. Teaching students about science conservation through project based learning empowers them as individuals and connects them to their local ecosystems. Students become empowered by their own restoration efforts because they realize their work, today, ensures a return to a more natural and viable ecosystem in the future. 

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Biology, from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  My studies included ecology research and fieldwork in Costa Rica.  As a keen birder and conservationist, I have completed extensive field and conservation research in Santa Cruz, the Monterey Bay, Bolinas, the Sierra Nevada, and the Farallon Islands. Growing up backpacking throughout California, then later South America, Costa Rica, and China, inspired my curiosity and love of scientific discovery.  In addition to my work with STRAW, I am an avid gardener, trail runner, musician, and yoga instructor.

When I am not in the office planning the next restoration workday or reporting on a restoration site, you can usually find me on my yoga mat.