As a Coastal Program Biologist for the California Current Group at Point Blue, my work involves research and monitoring of the western snowy plover on Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA. After joining Point Blue in 2009 as a volunteer Coastal Seabird Intern, I assisted with the California least tern project, seabird breeding and seabird population dynamics field studies. This opportunity allowed me to develop essential knowledge and skills that led to my current position, and also to change the trajectory of my professional path to a career in conservation science. 

Prior to coming to Point Blue, I spent twenty years in the medical field while simultaneously raising twin sons and pursuing educational opportunities. Along this journey, I became cognizant of my strong desire to redirect my professional life. I currently attend Oregon State University studying Fisheries and Wildlife Science, specializing in conservation and ecology in order to enhance my field biology and research skills acquired over the years with Point Blue. I have a keen interest in Avian Ecology and Conservation as a focus for further professional and academic pursuits.

My passion for wildlife was sparked at an early age by childhood adventures meandering through the woodlands and riparian habitats surrounding Walden Pond in Concord, MA. This rural area exposed me to the beauty of nature and ecological importance of all aspects of the natural world. Intrigued, inspired and captivated, this fortunate life experience shaped my respect for nature and desire to preserve wilderness for future generations. As stated by Henry David Thoreau, “In Wildness Is the Preservation of the World”. After moving to California as a teenager, the marine and coastal ecosystems became the focus of my conservation interests.

Outside of the field season, I can often be found engaged in Pilates and yoga as a life-long advocate for health and fitness. My family and I enjoy camping, hiking, and traveling to surrounding areas in search of quiet places, more birds, and always more fascinating natural beauty!