As the Sierra Meadow Adaptation Leader, I work with Point Blue’s partners to catalyze climate-smart meadow restoration in the Sierra Nevada. I am based at Point Blue's headquarters in Petaluma. Prior to joining Point Blue, I worked at Sonoma Land Trust, where I was involved in conservation strategy, strategic planning, and evaluation of the organization's progress in meeting strategic goals. 

I consider myself to be an integrative conservation scientist and practitioner. I am motivated by the idea that integrating social and natural sciences is necessary to improve conservation outcomes and address the urgent challenge of climate change. I hold a Masters of Environmental Science degree from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where I focused on wildlife conservation, policy, and management. My thesis research examined the institutional and social dimensions of wildlife management in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, for which I received the Lasswell Prize from the Society of Policy Scientists. I received a B.A. in Environmental Studies from DePaul University in 2011.

In my free time, I enjoy climbing, hiking, yoga, playing board games, and geeking out with science fiction novels.

Selected publications:

Clark, S. G., and Vernon, M. E. 2016. Elk management and policy in southern Greater Yellowstone: Assessing the constitutive process. Policy Sciences 50(2): 295-316.

Vernon, M. E., S. G. Clark, and Z. Bischoff-Mattson. 2016. Discourses of elk hunting and grizzly bear incidents in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 21:1, 65-85.

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