My role as the Controller involves the management of the day to day operations of the Finance & Administration Department.  Although, my work day can also include greeting walk-in visitors and attempting to act knowledgeable about the specific behavior of a raptor or gathering staff volunteers to help unload a 500 pound crate without a forklift.  I'm also the unofficial daily dog walker for staff pets.

I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a math degree and had idealistic aspiratons of writing math books and inventing a better way to teach high school math.  Instead I was inspired to work with non-profit organizations while attending Cal during the "save-the-world-seventies," and have been working in the finance departments of non-profits for most of my career.  I have found the work to be rewarding and a perfect mechanism to apply my math skills and passion to help make the world a better place through one debit or credit at a time. 

Since joining Point Blue in 2006, I have become a novice birder, the proud owner of electric and water solar installations on my home, and an even prouder owner of an electric car.  Additionally, my home landscaping now consists of low-water-use, drought resistant, mostly California native plants, and 2 healthy little Oak trees started from tiny seedlings by our beloved Rich Stallcup.

When I'm not working, I do try and get out to enjoy the outdoors through tennis, golf, shuffling (slow jogging), hiking and even some birding.  I especially enjoy piling into our Prius and traveling far and wide to vacation with my three children.