As a Partner Biologist I facilitate a partnership between Point Blue and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Butte County.  Working side-by-side with NRCS staff, I help to build relationships with private landowners to provide technical and financial assistance under NRCS Farm Bill habitat incentive programs that aim to improve wildlife conservation, watershed health, and habitat quality on rangelands, woodlands and mountain meadows of the Sierra foothills and Sacramento Valley. 

I am a native of northwestern Nebraska, where the rolling plains and epic skies gave me an early love of nature and all things in it. Upon adulthood I headed east and earned a B.A. in Ecology and Photography from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA in 2010. I then spent 4 years working in seasonal field conservation positions throughout the country (and world!). I've been lucky enough to work in a wide variety of habitat types, from coastal dunes to temperate rainforests to oak woodlands to shortgrass prairie, and to experience some pretty amazing people, places and wildlife along the way. In 2013 I pioneered the Lagunitas Bird Banding Internship for Point Blue and in 2014 I became the Partner Biologist for Butte County.

When I'm not at the NRCS Oroville field office or visiting with a landowner, I can be found roaming around with my binoculars, tromping down a trail with my backpack, or curled up, preferably in front of a fire, with some yarn and knitting needles.