As the Program Manager for our Farallon Islands work at Point Blue, I direct all aspects of our ecological research and conservation efforts on the islands, working closely with our partners at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Our work involves long term studies of demography, population dynamics, and foraging ecology of marine predators (seabirds, marine mammals, white sharks), as well as studies of the islands’ terrestrial ecosystem (landbirds, insects, salamanders, plants etc.). We work with partners to link our research to conservation and restoration efforts in island and marine environments, on the Farallones and beyond.

I grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada where I got thrown in the chilly ocean as a small child and never got out. I attended Simon Fraser University just outside Vancouver for my B.Sc. in Biology, and M.Sc. in Wildlife Ecology. My masters thesis research focused on the breeding ecology of radio marked Marbled Murrelets in southwestern British Columbia. I’ve conducted seabird ecology field work in Nova Scotia, Alaska, and the northwest Hawaiian Islands. I started with the Farallon program as a volunteer intern in 1998, and came back to the project as a seabird biologist in 2002. I’ve spent over 1450 nights on the Farallon Islands.

I have published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers in journals such as Ecological Applications, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Wildlife Management, and Conservation Biology. I have been involved with several projects looking at how we can use our long term Farallon datasets to help guide management and restoration efforts.

I am based at our Petaluma headquarters, and while I no longer spend all my springs and summers on the Farallones, I am there for several weeks throughout the year.

Featured Work: 

Growth, Age at Maturity, and Age-Specific Survival of the Arboreal Salamander (Aneides lugubris) on Southeast Farallon Island, California.

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