Hi, I’m Scott Jennings.
My time with Point Blue began with a nest searching internship at the Palomarin Field Station in 2005. Since then I have participated in several Point Blue projects studying the reproductive ecology of passerines, Northern Spotted Owls, and Adélie Penguins.  I am broadly interested in working to understand how reproductive success varies among individuals in a population, and in using long-term data sets to understand how populations respond to changing environments.

I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree with Dr. Katie Dugger at Oregon State University. My thesis research takes place on Ross Island, Antarctica, in association with the long term Adelie Penguin population monitoring project which Point Blue is a collaborator on. I am investigating how chick growth is affected by parental provisioning and care (overall food delivered, diet type, extent of brood guarding),  and how variation in growth rates affect survival to independence.

In my free time I love to get outdoors via surfing, mountain biking, skiing, nature-geeking, fishing, hunting, backpacking, and trying to wear out an adolescent Labrador Retriever.