In my work as Data Manager for the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CA LCC) and a principal developer of the California Climate Commons website, my goal is to help researchers and decision makers understand and access the climate change research for use in conservation planning.  I work to connect data providers and data users, at national, state and local levels.  I also participate in national projects and working groups to facilitate best practices among the LCC network members and communication between LCCs.

I particularly enjoy helping to bridge the gap between computer technology and the science community.  Starting my career as a software engineer, I've migrated towards analytic and system design roles and now bring that background to the service of making computerized knowledge systems work better for users with different specialties.

After many years of calling the beautiful mountains and plains around Boulder, Colorado my home -- that's the Flatirons behind my picture -- I migrated early in this century to the equally lovely and more diverse environments of northern California.  I am enjoying hiking and learning more about the many habitats of my new home here in the SF Bay Area.

Featured Work:

The California Climate Commons