Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Point Blue?

Point Blue Conservation Science (Point Blue for short) is the name we have chosen because it tells the story of how we use our science to point the way forward to a healthy blue planet.  It is a hopeful, forward-looking name. Blue is the color of our planet when it is healthy, as seen from space.

Why Point Blue?

We changed our name to Point Blue Conservation Science to better communicate our highest priorities, reach new audiences and expand our influence to achieve our urgent conservation goals. We chose Point Blue because it reflects how we use our science to point the way forward to a healthy, blue planet.  At Point Blue, we are helping to create a healthy blue planet by directly addressing climate change and other environmental threats.  We use our science to suggest nature-based solutions to the environmental problems facing us today.

What is a “healthy planet”?

Human actions have altered the chemical makeup of the thin layer of biosphere and the processes that sustain life on Earth.  A “healthy planet” means we have healthy, functioning ecosystems that can buffer against increasing extremes such as drought, flooding and high temperatures and provide more time for wildlife and people to adapt to the changes ahead.

Will you be using an acronym for the new name?

No – we won’t because we feel saying the name – Point Blue Conservation Science, or the shortened version, Point Blue – is easier for people to remember and gets us away from an acronym that needs explaining.