Los Farallones

Dispatches from Point Blue’s field station on the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge

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****FARALLONATHON DAY 5****Today was a major boat day, with 14 people arriving on the Island. Most were contractors that began work on refurbishing our solar panel system. Amazingly, virtually everything on the Island is powered entirely by 30 solar panels on the roof of the Power House. We derive all of the power we need […]

By | October 8, 2008

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****FARALLONATHON DAY 4****Farallonathon Day 4 was very quiet and yielded only a couple of new additions to our list. The winds were light out of the SSW, which is not bad, but a thick fog settled in making it difficult for birds to find the island. A shark attack on a California Seal Lion just […]

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****FARALLONATHON DAY 3**** We keep hoping that the winds will turn southeast, but they maintained their westerly flow for yet another day. At least they were light, but the excellent visibility meant that most birds that found themselves over the ocean could choose to fly back to the mainland where there would be more food […]

By | October 3, 2008

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September 30th

****FARALLONATHON DAY 2****This was the 2nd day of the “Farallonathon”, the annual fall fundraising event for all of PRBO’s ongoing studies on Southeast Farallon Island. Yesterday, (29 Sept.) was a good day for us to start “Farallonathon”, with the interesting arrivals noted in that day’s blog. But today didn’t continue that trend since the island […]

By | October 2, 2008

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September 29th

****FARALLONATHON DAY 1**** Today brought more new arrivals as the southerly winds continued. Visibility was a bit better than we would have liked, as many birds likely saw the mainland and headed there instead of the island. Later in the day as we started seeing reports from Point Reyes, it was obvious that’s what had […]

By | October 1, 2008