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Alaska’s Sea Ice Is Melting Unusually Early, ‘Another Sign Arctic Is Unraveling’

May 26, 2017

The meltdown, following an extra warm Arctic winter, will have an impact on coastal communities and permafrost. “It’s another sign that the Arctic is unraveling. We had heat waves in the central Arctic last winter, record-low winter sea ice coverage, and even periods of ice retreat when it should be growing,” said Mark Serreze, director […]


Ecosystem restoration should integrate natural and social sciences, appropriate monitoring

Effective restoration of aquatic ecosystems Authors propose a novel conceptual framework that will yield more effective ecosystem restoration: the Operational Restoration Unit Posted: 24 May 2017 11:03 AM PDT Despite having increased human wellbeing in the past, intense modifications by multiple and interacting pressures have degraded ecosystems and the sustainability of their goods and services. […]


Ocean acidification reduces shell formation in tiny foraminifera indicating big changes to global carbon cycle

Future ocean conditions- reduced pH to 7.7 and 7.5- not only stress marine creatures but also may throw off ocean carbon balance Experiments suggest long term changes to the global carbon cycle are underway Biological impacts of seawater pH have implications for the use of foraminifera as paleoceanographic indicators. May 25, 2017 University of California […]


Changing climate could have devastating impacts on forest carbon storage

May 25, 2017

mean loss of carbon from drought and fire impacted forests could equal losing 70% of CA’s 2010 total above ground biomass strategies for reducing some fire risk include actively thinning forests to manage tree density and restoring surface fires healthy ecosystems lead to cleaner, better regulated water flow to communities across the western United States […]


Interior Department agency removes climate change language from news release

That deleted line, they said, read: “Global climate change drives sea-level rise, increasing the frequency of coastal flooding.”….  By Dino Grandoni May 22 2017 Washington Post A group of scientists, including three working for the U.S. Geological Survey, published a paper that highlighted the link between sea-level rise and global climate change,[see more on their […]


Can California Tap Carbon Markets To Save Its Delta (And Its Drinking Water)?

Can California Tap Carbon Markets To Save Its Delta (And Its Drinking Water)? Kelley Hamrick and Steve Zwick May 3 2017 The inland marshes that provide half of California’s drinking water and support its massive agriculture sector are sinking into the ground and drowning in fertilizer running off from farms. They’re also emitting massive amounts […]


Smoke from wildfires- “brown carbon”- can have lasting climate impact

May 24, 2017

High-altitude brown carbon from biomass burning is an unappreciated component of climate forcing. May 23, 2017 Georgia Institute of Technology  full article here at ScienceDaily …Researchers have found that carbon particles released into the air from burning trees and other organic matter are much more likely than previously thought to travel to the upper levels […]


Increasing climate and land use change overlap in arid lands– potential to affect 36% of world’s population

Increasing aridity and land-use overlap have potential to cause social and economic conflict in dryland areas scenario framework used to estimate how climate and land uses influence ecosystems and landscapes May 23, 2017 Northern Arizona University  see here for ScienceDaily article Drylands are of environmental concern because broad-scale changes in these systems have the potential […]


Ocean currents alter climate change impacts on marine species

Species expanded their range faster and kept track of climate better when ocean currents matched the direction of warming Matching ocean currents and warming unexpectedly slowed down range contractions, or the speed of withdrawal at the “warm” edges. May 24, 2017 Hokkaido University  full article here at ScienceDaily Ocean currents affect how climate change impacts […]


California’s Healthy Soils Incentive Program- CalCAN update

May 23, 2017

CA Department of Food & Agriculture Finalizing Healthy Soils Program Posted by Brian Shobe, California Agriculture and Climate Network (CalCAN) May 22 2017 As farmers and ranchers in the U.S. and abroad experience the reality of more extreme and unpredictable weather, soil carbon sequestration is catching national and international attention as a means of climate […]