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LA launches first-ever sustainability plan for economy and environment

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Mayor Launches ‘First-Ever’ Sustainability Plan For LA Economy, Environment

April 8, 2015 11:20 AM
LOS ANGELES ( — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released a long-range plan Wednesday aimed at making the city more economically and environmentally sustainable.

The Sustainable City Plan calls for “an environmentally healthy, economically prosperous, equitable future in the context of an expected population growth of 500,000 people over the next 20 years,” according to the Mayor’s office.Not only does the plan make L.A. the potential national leader in solar, electric vehicle infrastructure, water conservation and green jobs, it also also new ground by making what Garcetti’s office called the city’s “first-ever commitments” towards zero emissions goods movement at the Port of Los Angeles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, and reducing per capita vehicle miles traveled.
Along with an executive order signed by Garcetti ordering implementation of the plan across all city departments, private organizations and individual Angelenos are being asked to “Adopt the Plan” in order to ensure its success, the mayor said. “Los Angeles grew into one of the world’s great cities because its residents and leaders dreamed, planned and then took action to build the metropolis we enjoy today,” said Garcetti….


From Community Conservation Solutions: L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled his vision for a  sustainable Los Angeles with “the pLAn” – a suite of far-reaching environmental goals for the city of L.A. Directed by Chief Sustainability Officer Matt Petersen, Mayor Garcetti’s vision includes capturing 150,000 acre-feet of stormwater every year, replacing 50% of L.A.’s imported water with local water by 2035, and substantial reductions of greenhouse gas emissions



Garcetti Unveils “Sustainable City pLAn” Includes Transportation and Livability Goals

by Joe Linton Wednesday April 8 2015

At a public signing ceremony this morning in Echo Park, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti introduced his ambitious new “Sustainable City pLAn.” The environmental plan [PDF] describes itself as “a roadmap for a Los Angeles that is environmentally healthy, economically prosperous, and equitable in opportunity for all — now and over the next 20 years.” The mayor’s event was well attended by more than 200 people, including city department heads and many environmental leaders.

The document is extensive, but written very simply and clearly. For each category, the plan includes very specific, measurable goals for 2025 and 2035. Additionally, it includes near-term outcomes to be completed by 2017.

There is a whole lot to like in the 100-page Sustainable City pLAn – from water to solar energy to waste to urban agriculture. This article just summarizes outcomes directly related to transportation and livability. Those include:

Mobility and Transit: (page 54)

Livable Neighborhoods: (page 92)

 Housing and Development: (page 48) 

Air Quality: (page 74)

 Environmental Justice: (page 80)

Urban Ecosystem: (page 86)

Carbon and Climate Leadership: (page 34)

….It is telling that the plan acknowledges the Bloomberg Associates sustainability team, including Rohit Aggarwala, the mastermind behind PlaNYC. Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg laid the groundwork for New York City’s streets transformation with the quantifiable framework outlined in PlaNYC. The plan was praised wholeheartedly by environmental and business leaders at this morning’s event. Mayor Garcetti pledged that this “is not a plan for the shelves.” At today’s event he signed a mayoral directive [PDF] that requires all city departments incorporate pLAn outcomes into their departmental activities. In addition, the directive establishes sustainability officers in applicable city departments and bureaus, and sets up a reporting mechanism to track city progress on pLAn outcomes

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