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Nature-based Solutions that Reduce Flood Risk — New Interactive Website

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The Nature Conservancy April 4 2017  full article here

A new partnership called “Naturally Resilient Communities” is focused on using “nature-based solutions” to help communities reduce flood risk. The partners include the American Planning Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of State Floodplain Managers, National Association of Counties, and The Nature Conservancy. Cost-effective, nature-based solutions, they say, can help communities reduce flood risk while producing other benefits, like improved water quality and enhanced recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat.

The partners say the need for approaches that work with nature is growing. There have been at least 38 major floods in the U.S. over the past 16 years, and since 2005, five major hurricanes have caused a total of more than 2,200 deaths and some $230 billion in damages…

A new website produced by Naturally Resilient Communities,, features 30 nature-based solutions that range from giving rivers more room to access to their natural floodplains and the protection or restoration of coastal reefs and dunes to green roofs and permeable pavement in cities. The site, developed by Sasaki, also features case studies that serve as successful examples of the ways in which nature-based solutions have provided multiple benefits when used alongside more traditional, manmade infrastructure, like dams, levees, seawalls and storm water systems….

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