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Largest US off-shore wind farms approved in Maryland

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Electricity generation could begin offshore at Ocean City by 2020; researchers studying impacts on wildlife

By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun  May 11, 2017

Maryland waters could be home to some of the nation’s first — and by far its largest — offshore wind farms after the state Public Service Commission on Thursday approved ratepayer subsidies to support a pair of projects off the coast of Ocean City….The decision could dot the Ocean City horizon with wind turbines as soon as 2020 — and add $1 to monthly residential electricity bills once the windmills start spinning. …

…“If built, these wind farms will be truly pioneering facilities, leading Maryland and the nation toward a 21st century economy that combats climate change and creates jobs in droves at the same time,” said Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network….

…The developers are required to build the turbines as far from shore as possible — up to 17 miles for the U.S. Wind farm and 24 miles for the Skipjack turbines. U.S. Wind officials have said that on a clear day, their turbines would appear to a person on the beach as about the size of a thumbnail at arms length…

Researchers are still studying the potential impacts such projects could have on wildlife, tracking migration patterns of birds such as red-throated loons to see how much they intersect with potential wind farm sites. Jennifer Mihills, of the Mid-Atlantic office of the National Wildlife Federation, said she thinks the projects “can be sited, constructed and operated in a manner that is protective of our coastal and marine wildlife.”…

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