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California, Southwest see record temperatures amid heat wave

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June 21 2017

Extreme Heat Seared the Southwest This Week; Daily record highs were set Wednesday in Needles, California (123 degrees), Las Vegas (114 degrees), Phoenix (117 degrees), Tucson, Arizona (115 degrees), Redding, California (110 degrees – tie), and Palm Springs, California (118 degrees – tie). The 115 degree high on Wednesday allowed Tucson to set a new record for longest streak of 115 degree temperatures, with three days….

It’s so hot in Phoenix that airplanes can’t fly…..The National Weather Service broke out the magenta — a color category little known to the rest of the country — to illustrate parts of Arizona that would be under “rare, dangerous, and very possibly deadly” heat for the rest of the week.

An all-time record in San Diego County: The temperature hit 124 degrees on Tuesday in Ocotillo Wells — the highest reading ever recorded in San Diego County, according to the National Weather Service.

SF hits 88, breaking ’93 record, as heat wave hits Bay Area

Heat records were broken all over the Bay Area today, according to the National Weather Service. Photo: National Weather Service

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