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Clarion call for scientists: ‘Use your voice … or lose it’

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…There’s a growing chorus of researchers arguing now that they must speak out. “If you’re a climate scientist at this critical time you don’t have Miranda rights,” Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory atmospheric scientist Benjamin Santer told a Capitol Hill audience this week. “You don’t have the right to remain silent.”

…”We encourage scientists to speak up and communicate both about the meaning and the value of the science that they are working on,” AGU Executive Director Christine McEntee said in an interview. It’s also important, she said, for scientists to share what they know with the public and policymakers “so science can be used as a factor in decision-making.”…

three former EPA officials who urged the Trump administration in an essay published yesterday in The New England Journal of Medicine to take “to heart” lessons from President Reagan’s initial attempts to weaken the agency’s scientific work (Greenwire, March 2)….

…In a paper published last month in the journal Scientific Reports, Santer and his colleagues fact-checked EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s congressional testimony on global warming and concluded that his claims about the climate system were wrong (Greenwire, May 25). “Now at this time, with folks dismissing scientific evidence and understanding, it’s critically important to use your voice — use it or lose it if you’re a climate scientist,” Santer said this week in an interview….

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