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Seabird Haven Saved: After Nearly a Century, Desecheo Island Wildlife can Thrive Again

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Island Conservation  27 Jun 2017 Heath Packard  see full article here

After more than a decade of conservation intervention, Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is once again safe for the Threatened Higo Chumbo cactus, native seabirds, and unique lizards found nowhere else in the world.

Just one year after the final phase of an ambitious operation to rid Desecheo NWR of introduced, damaging (invasive) rats, conservation biologists have confirmed that these predators are absent from the island, and the operation was a success. This project, the largest conservation operation of its kind to date in the region, would enable the island to return to its former and rightful status: the most important seabird colony in the region. The refuge lost this status due to the presence of invasive mammals for almost a century….

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