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58% of Americans think global warming is mostly human caused- highest since surveys began in 2008

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July 5 2017 Center for Climate Change Communication  George Mason University

More than half of Americans believe that climate change is mostly human caused, according to [the Center for Climate Change Communication‘s] newest report, Climate Change in the American Mind: May 2017.

That’s the highest level measured since our surveys began in 2008. By contrast, only 30% say it is due mostly to natural changes in the environment, matching the lowest level measured in our November 2016 survey.

Four in ten Americans (39%) think the odds that global warming will cause humans to become extinct are 50% or higher. Most Americans (58%) think the odds of human extinction from global warming are less than 50%.

One in four Americans (24%) say providing a better life for our children and grandchildren is the most important reason, for them, to reduce global warming. More than one in ten Americans said preventing the destruction of most life on the planet (16%) or protecting God’s creation (13%) was the most important reason…

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