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Volvo phasing out fossil fuel engines; will make last full gasoline/diesel car by 2025; France Plans to End Sales of Gas and Diesel Cars by 2040

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July 5, 2017  Bloomberg and NY Times

…the death of the internal combustion engine may not be very exaggerated after all. On Wednesday, Volvo Car Group said it expects to soon start phasing out vehicles powered solely by fossil fuels, joining a parade of manufacturers in shifting toward electrics more quickly than most in the industry expected a few years back.

Volvo says it plans to offer only hybrid or full-electric motors on every new model launched in 2019 or later, including five electrics it expects in its lineup by 2021. Though the company will continue to produce full-combustion versions as it makes the small upgrades automakers introduce with each new model year, when a major revamp occurs (typically every seven years) it will no longer offer that option. That means that by about 2025 Volvo will make its last full-gasoline or diesel car — the first major manufacturer to make such a pledge.

…Consumer resistance is starting to ease as tighter regulation forces car makers to lower costs, improve batteries, and come up with better designs. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. estimates about a quarter of cars sold globally by 2025 will be hybrid or electric.

…”We want to be a leading brand in terms of responsibility, safety and sustainability,” [Volvo’s] Samuelsson said…

France Plans to End Sales of Gas and Diesel Cars by 2040

By JACK EWING NY Times July 6 2017

The country, a major auto producer, joined Norway and India in a growing movement toward the use of electric vehicles. But the transition will be gradual.

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