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Towards Safe Seabird Fisheries- Global Efforts and Solutions- case studies of success

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The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and BirdLife International have produced a new publication that presents some of the remarkable efforts fisheries have made on a global scale to tackle seabird bycatch.

Seabirds are one of the most threatened groups of animals in the world, with many species in decline to due being incidentally killed in fisheries. They are caught and drowned on baited longline hooks and in nets, and are killed by collisions with trawl cables. It’s estimated over 100,000 albatross meet this grisly fate every year.

However this doesn’t have to be the case. Simple and inexpensive measures already exist that can be highly effective in preventing seabird deaths, and others are still in experimental stages but have shown great promise.

Here we present some of the remarkable efforts of fisheries large and small from almost every ocean, where fishers are finding solutions to prevent unnecessary seabird deaths. These stories demonstrate that collaboration – between fishers, scientists and decision makers – can lead to practical solutions that will ultimately turn the tide for many seabird species and improve the sustainability of global fisheries.

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