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Shifting storms to bring extreme waves, seaside damage to once placid areas

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July 20, 2017  University of New South Wales

The world’s most extensive study of a major stormfront striking the coast has revealed a previously unrecognised danger from climate change: as storm patterns fluctuate, waterfront areas once thought safe are likely to be hammered and damaged as never before...
…This isn’t just about protecting beaches: billions of dollars’ worth of city infrastructure around the world is threatened by coastal erosion: buildings, roads, power and water utility corridors, sewerage lines — and this will only worsen as sea levels rise, causing storm tides to do more damage and reach deeper inland.”..
Mitchell D. Harley, Ian L. Turner, Michael A. Kinsela, Jason H. Middleton, Peter J. Mumford, Kristen D. Splinter, Matthew S. Phillips, Joshua A. Simmons, David J. Hanslow, Andrew D. Short. Extreme coastal erosion enhanced by anomalous extratropical storm wave direction. Scientific Reports, 2017; 7 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-05792-1

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