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CORRECTION: US Dept of Agriculture’s NRCS supports science and use of ‘climate change’

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NOTE FROM ELLIE: This Guardian story I originally posted was strongly refuted by the Acting Chief of the NRCS in an email in support of science and climate change action. Here is the text:

From: Jordan, Leonard – NRCS, Washington, DC
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2017 1:07 PM
To: Jordan, Leonard – NRCS, Washington, DC <>
Subject: Climate change story

NRCS Employees,

As you’ve likely seen, there has been considerable news coverage during the past two days centered around two emails that discuss the use of the phrase “climate change.”  The articles allege that NRCS has received direction and has provided direction to censor the use of the phrase “climate change.”

I want you all to know that this is not the case.  There has never been a directive from the administration regarding the use of the phrase climate change, or any other language.  There is nothing stopping you from communicating to your customers using the terminology that you see as most beneficial for getting conservation on the ground.  The Department and NRCS are fact-based, science-driven, and customer-focused, and nothing about who we are or what we do has changed.

The climate change websites for both USDA and NRCS remain active.  We work each day to help agricultural producers plan and implement conservation practices that sequester carbon and benefit our natural resources, enabling producers to improve their bottom line while rising to the challenge of today. With partners like Colorado State University, we’re able to offer tools like COMET-Farm, an accounting system for greenhouse gases on agricultural lands. Our Conservation Innovation Grants program continues to empower partner organizations and producers to develop cutting-edge approaches and technologies that support greenhouse gases, cleaner water and air, healthier soil and development of conservation finance systems. And this is just the beginning.

We remain committed to empowering you to do what you do best, whether you’re a district conservationist or a snow surveyor, or a biologist or a conservation technician.  Our team provides one-on-one, personalized advice on the best solutions to meet the unique conservation and business goals of those who grow our nation’s food and fiber.  We help people make investments in their operations and local communities to keep working lands working, boost rural economies, increase the competitiveness of American agriculture, and improve the health of our air, water, soil, and habitat.  And we generate, manage and share the data, technology and standards that enable partners and policymakers to make decisions informed by objective, reliable science.

Nothing is going to keep us from carrying out our mission.

Leonard Jordan

Acting Chief

This electronic message contains information generated by the USDA solely for the intended recipients. Any unauthorized interception of this message or the use or disclosure of the information it contains may violate the law and subject the violator to civil or criminal penalties. If you believe you have received this message in error, please notify the sender and delete the email immediately.

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