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Incomplete ecological drought recovery new norm?

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Aug 9 2017 see full ScienceDaily article here

The amount of time it takes for an ecosystem to recover from a drought is an important measure of a drought’s severity. During the 20th century, the total area of land affected by drought increased, and longer recovery times became more common, according to new research published by Nature…

…”If another drought arrives before trees and other plants have recovered from the last one, the ecosystem can reach a ‘tipping point’ where the plants’ ability to function normally is permanently affected,” Fang said.

The team found that drought impacts increased over the 20th century. Given anticipated 21st century changes in temperature and projected increases in drought frequency and severity due to climate change, their findings suggest that recovery times will be slower in the future…

Christopher R. Schwalm et al. Global patterns of drought recovery. Nature, 2017; 548 (7666): 202 DOI: 10.1038/nature23021

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