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Managing for climate change – lessons from the U.S. Navy; mitigation AND adaptation; ‘no regrets’ AND ‘bets’ strategies

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Interview with Harvard Business School professors about how a giant, global enterprise [the Navy] that operates and owns assets at sea level is fighting climate change—and adapting to it. They discuss what the private sector can learn from the U.S. Navy’s scientific and sober view of the world. Reinhardt and Toffel are the authors of “Managing Climate Change: Lessons from the U.S. Navy” in the July–August 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review….

…businesses looking to mitigate and adapt to climate change should really be following the example of an organization fighting it at sea level. The U.S. Navy is raising its bases, using early storm warning systems, and increasingly powering its missions with the sun, instead of fossil fuels...

….mitigation is no longer a substitute for adaptation. We have to think of them as complements.…organizations, whether they’re firms or the U.S. military, have not only to be thinking about their carbon footprints but also the changes in their own physical environments which are already taking place as a result of the build-up of our carbon dioxide and other ways gases in the atmosphere ….

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