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How openings- polynyas- in Antarctic sea ice affect worldwide climate

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September 11, 2017 University of Pennsylvania Read full ScienceDaily article here

In a new analysis of climate models, researchers reveal the significant global effects that seemingly anomalous polynyas, or openings in sea ice, can have. Their findings indicate that heat escaping from the ocean through these openings impacts sea and atmospheric temperatures and wind patterns around the globe and even rainfall around the tropics.…Though this process is part of a natural pattern of climate variability, it has implications for how the global climate will respond to future anthropogenic warming.

…The work raises many new questions, such as how a decreasing sea ice extent, including the recent breaking off of a massive chunk of the Antarctic peninsula, will affect the frequency of polynyas and how the presence or absence of polynyas will affect how much atmospheric temperatures warm in response to anthropogenic climate change.

….Their model indicated that polynyas and accompanying open-ocean convection occur roughly every 75 years. When they occur, the researchers observed, they act as a release valve for the ocean’s heat. Not only does the immediate area warm, but there are also increases in overall sea-surface and atmospheric temperatures of the entire Southern Hemisphere and, to a lesser extent, the Northern Hemisphere, as well….

Anna Cabré, Irina Marinov, Anand Gnanadesikan. Global Atmospheric Teleconnections and Multidecadal Climate Oscillations Driven by Southern Ocean Convection. Journal of Climate, 2017; 30 (20): 8107 DOI: 10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0741.1

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