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Gassy Cows Warm The Planet. Scientists Think They Know How To Squelch Those Belches

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NPR September 22, 2017 Angus Chen Read full NPR story here

… The study, originally published in the journal PLoS Genetics last year, showed that a cow’s genetics determine which microbes populate its gut — and some of those microbes produce the methane that eventually makes its way into the atmosphere…

… It turned out that the different groups differed in the amounts of methane they emitted — by a lot. “The highest [group emitted] 200 grams per day, and the lowest [group’s] methane emission was at 140 grams per day. So there is a large difference,” says Rainer Roehe, the lead author on the study and a geneticist at Scotland’s Rural College.

Roehe says the different diets made a difference in how much methane the cows emitted, but when they ranked the cow families based on how much gas they were expelling, the least gassy family emitted the least methane no matter what they ate. On the flipside, the cows in the family that gave off the most gas were still the biggest offenders regardless of what they were eating. Roehe says that suggests genetics is playing a big role in shaping which microbes exist in any individual cow’s gut and is the reason why some cows belch and fart less than others….

Roehe R, Dewhurst RJ, Duthie C-A, Rooke JA, McKain N, Ross DW, et al. (2016) Bovine Host Genetic Variation Influences Rumen Microbial Methane Production with Best Selection Criterion for Low Methane Emitting and Efficiently Feed Converting Hosts Based on Metagenomic Gene Abundance. PLoS Genet 12(2): e1005846.

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