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Greenland’s Coasts Are Growing as Seas Rise

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By Chelsea Harvey, ClimateWire on October 5, 2017 see full story here

…It seems that river deltas on the coast of Greenland are actually growing bigger at a time when many deltas elsewhere around the world—and even elsewhere throughout the Arctic—are eroding away. The finding is all the more surprising considering that Greenland is home to the world’s second-largest ice sheet, whose melting glaciers are among the planet’s biggest potential contributors to future sea-level rise.

Here’s the surprise: It’s the melting glaciers that are causing these delta regions to expand, scientists say….the researchers note that as glaciers melt, they send fresh water and loose sediment flowing out toward the ocean. The sediment is then deposited along the coastline where the rivers meet the sea, causing the delta to expand outward….

Mette Bendixen et al. Delta progradation in Greenland driven by increasing glacial mass loss.  Nature 550 October 2017.
Credit: Arterry Getty Images

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