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How Improved Land Use Can Contribute to the 1.5°C Goal of the Paris Agreement

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October 2017 Read full ClimateFocus article and report here

Climate Focus’ How Land Use Can Contribute to the 1.5°C Goal of the Paris Agreement develops a roadmap of action for the land-use sector to meet its necessary contribution to the Paris Agreement. The analysis relies on a modelling of land-sector development trajectories optimizing least-cost pathways, a bottom-up assessment of mitigation potentials, and a correction of potentials for political feasibility. The Global Biosphere Management Integrated Assessment Model, a partial-equilibrium model developed by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, formed the basis of our modelling.

We determined the 40 countries with the highest technical mitigation potential and assessed the feasibility of mitigation action based on their political will and ability to realize this potential. Finally, we outlined 10 priority actions to reduce the land-use sector’s contribution to global warming. The actions range from avoided deforestation, restoration of forests, to diet shifts and reduced food waste.

…We developed a roadmap of action that relies on:

• effective forest protection (reduced deforestation)
• enhanced restoration
• sustainable forest management
• halting peatland burning
• peatland restoration
• a shift to healthier diets
• reduced food waste and losses
• enhanced soil carbon sequestration
• increased efficiency of synthetic fertilizer production and use
• reduced emissions from rice paddies
• reduced emissions from livestock (enteric fermentation)

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