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COP23 UN Climate Meeting in Bonn: Press Conference/Science Videos and Virtual Tour

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By Ellie Cohen November 16, 2017

An interesting experience here at COP23 in Bonn has been to attend some press conferences.  See here for the full listing of press conferences and other meetings held at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Convention of the Parties (COP23).  I believe they are strictly limited to 30 minutes.  Some are scientific presentations with a media Q&A (see example below).

Speakers include renowned climate scientists from around the world as well as leaders of major nonprofits and others.  It is interesting just to look through the list (from Nov 6- Nov 17, 2017) and fascinating to watch some of them!

Here is an example of one:

November 6

7:00 -08:00 Dr. Johannes Lehmann, Soil organic carbon sequestration and food security

FYI, in case you are interested, here is a link to a short overview video showing the location and layout of the “Bula Zone” restricted to the country delegations, observer organizations (like Point Blue) and IGOs (intergovernmental organization).  And here is a link to a 2 minute video showing more of the “Bonn Zone” portion of the UN climate meeting (the Bonn zone is open to many others nominated by those in the first group.

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