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“We are still in” video links: US Climate Action Center side events with Bloomberg and Brown making ‘America’s (non-federal) Pledge,’ Todd Stern on the future of the Paris Accords, and more at COP23 UN climate conference

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November 16, 2017

See here for videos of all the presentations at the alternative US Climate Action Center with the slogan “we are still in” (to see the full selection, scroll down the page a little and look to the right of “LIVESTREAM” — click on the small video icon at the top right of the gray livestream rectangle and scroll down for the titles below)

Some highlights worth watching:

Whither the Paris Agreement? The Future of the Paris Agreement
Thursday, November 16th | 12:00- 1:00 | Fiji Dome [NOTE: this gives a great clear overview of the Paris Agreement and actions needed between now and 2020]
Speakers: Todd Stern, former Special Envoy for Climate Change in the Obama Administration and Sue Biniaz, the former principal legal advisor on the climate negotiations for the United States.
Hosted by: America’s Pledge

America’s Pledge Launch Event [see a pdf of America’s Pledge here and press release on the GHG reductions commitment from non-federal US entities of over 2500 cities, states and businesses that equals 1/3 of the US economy and the 3rd largest economy in the world]
Saturday, November 11th | 10:30 – 12:00 | Fiji Dome
Speakers: Michael R. Bloomberg; Governor Jerry Brown, California; Bill Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA; Laura Phillips, Senior VP of Sustainability, Walmart
Hosted by: America’s Pledge

Maintaining U.S. Engagement in International Climate Finance
Saturday, November 11th | 12:00 – 13:30 | Fiji Dome
Speakers: Vice President Al Gore; Senator Jeff Merkley, Oregon; Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia; Frank Klipsch, Mayor of Davenport, Iowa and Co-Chair, MRCTI; Dan Zarrilli, Senior Director, Climate Policy and Programs, City of New York; Valerie Smith, Director and Global Head, Corporate Sustainability, Citi; Kevin Rabinovitch, Global VP of Sustainability and Chief Climate Officer, Mars, Inc.
Hosted by: Center for American Progress; World Resources Institute; CDP; Mississippi River Cities &Towns Initiative (MRCTI)

California’s Climate Regulatory Program: Recent Progress Informs Opportunities and Challenges
Thursday, November 9th | 15:00 – 16:00 | Fiji Dome
The Honorable Ricardo Lara, California State Senate; Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director, Climate Resolve; Ellie Cohen, CEO, Point Blue Conservation Science (see my presentation here: COHEN Healthy Lands to Secure our Future– CA & Climate Policy, US Clim Action Center Nov 9 2017); Nicolas Muller, UNFCCC
Moderator: Louis Blumberg, Director, California Climate Change Program, The Nature Conservancy
Hosted by: The Nature Conservancy

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