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California cliffs identified that are at risk of collapse; erosion rates will increase with sea level rise

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December 21, 2017 UC San Diego read full ScienceDaily article here

….Actively eroding cliffs make up the majority of the California coastline, and sudden landslides and collapses have caused injuries and several fatalities in recent years. In addition, eroding cliffs currently threaten highways, houses, businesses, military bases, parks, power plants, and other critical facilities — all in all billions of dollars of development.

Research suggests that erosion rates will increase as sea level rises, further exacerbating these problems….

….The study…. provides accurate erosion rates for 680 miles of the California coast, from the US-Mexico border to Bodega Head in Sonoma County. It identifies areas that have eroded faster than others, and introduces a new experimental hazard scale to identify areas that may be at greater risk of impending collapse. It is the first such large-scale study in California using LiDAR data — laser elevation data recorded in aerial surveys — which were used to create detailed 3D elevation maps….

Adam P. Young. Decadal-scale coastal cliff retreat in southern and central California. Geomorphology, 2018; 300: 164 DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2017.10.010

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