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Fracking tied to reduced songbird nesting success

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February 14, 2018 American Ornithological Society Publications Office Read full ScienceDaily coverage here

The central Appalachian region is experiencing the country’s most rapid growth in shale gas development, or ‘fracking,’ but we’ve known almost nothing about how this is affecting the region’s songbird populations — until now. A new study demonstrates that the nesting success of the Louisiana waterthrush — a habitat specialist that nests along forested streams, where the potential for habitat degradation is high — is declining at sites impacted by shale gas development in northwestern West Virginia…

Mack W. Frantz, Petra B. . Wood, James Sheehan, Gregory George. Demographic response of Louisiana Waterthrush, a stream obligate songbird of conservation concern, to shale gas development. The Condor, 2018; 120 (2): 265 DOI: 10.1650/CONDOR-17-130.1

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