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12 Emerging Global Trends That Bring Hope for 2018

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Feb 2018 Read full The Nature Conservancy article here

…New environmental leaders are stepping up across different sectors and geographies; new sources of financing are starting to close the gap in conservation funding; collective governance is emerging to better manage precious resources. Without minimizing the task ahead, we want to point to some trends that are unlocking investment for nature and offering hope for a sustainable future. Download our one-pager here.

1. High Time for the High Seas

Could the biggest thing to happen for the environment in decades be in the middle of the ocean?

2. A New Prescription for Public Health

A tree a day keeps the doctor away?

3. Following the Money to Global Impact

What happens when investing for good meets financial reward?

4. New Faces Tackling Climate Change

Who will step up on this generation’s main stage?

5. Natural Climate Solutions: the Year’s Top Carbon Technology

Solving for future carbon emissions is one thing; removing carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere is another. Can we do both today?

6. Soil—Believe it or Not—is a Hot Topic

Here’s the dirt: this year, soil is on trend.

7. Engineering Our Way Out of Crisis—with Nature’s Help

The trillion-pound (£) elephant in the room? Infrastructure.

8. Big Data and the Dawn of a Conservation Revolution

A welcome disruption? The tech industry is setting its sights on a new sector: conservation.

9. More Companies Are Getting Serious About Global Green Goals

What to do with SDGs and two degrees?

10. Clean Energy Is Powering The Future—Now Where to Put It?

Our clean energy future is arriving faster than we thought.

11. To Redefine Green Design, Cities Are Thinking Bigger—AND Smaller

Cities still strive for LEED buildings and light rail—but also a better walk down the block.

12. Oh, and One More Thing—More

More investment, more research, more accountability, more heroes.

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