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Climate Change and Agriculture– Point Blue comments on the “Koronivia joint work on agriculture” (Dec 4/CP.23) submitted to the UNFCCC

April 3, 2018

March 30, 2018 We at Point Blue submitted the attached recommendations last week on climate change and agriculture as an Observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). See the document here:Point Blue (Observer) Submission on Issues Related to Agriculture per Korovinia* D4 CP23 UNFCCC March 30 2018 FIN See here for […]


Vegetation controls the future of the water cycle

This study highlights the key role of vegetation in controlling future terrestrial hydrologic response. Carbon and water cycles are intimately coupled over land and must be studied as an interconnected system. Hydrologists should collaborate with ecologists and climate scientists to better predict future water resources. “Plants are at the center of the water, energy, and […]


New Climate Change Research, March 19-25, Skeptical Science

April 2, 2018

New research, March 19-25, 2018 Posted on 30 March 2018 by Ari Jokimäki See here for an excellent compilation of the latest and sign up here to receive this directly.    


Public willing to pay to improve ecosystem water quality- more than other ecosystem services

March 27, 2018 University of Missouri-Columbia read full PhysOrg article here Researchers have found in a nationwide survey that members of the public are more willing to pay for improved water quality than other ecosystem services such as flood control or protecting wildlife habitats. ….”Our findings support the notion that ecosystem service programs need to […]


‘Extreme’ Changes Underway in Some of Antarctica’s Biggest Glaciers

The grounding line, where the glaciers become floating ice shelves, is receding as much as 600 feet per year, bolstering fears of a worst-case Antarctic meltdown scenario, with global sea level rising 10 feet by 2100. Eight of the frozen continent’s 65 major ice streams had retreated by more than 410 feet per year—five times […]


Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis—Securing a Future for our Fish and Wildlife

April 2 2018 We are pleased to share with you a new report, Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis—Securing a Future for our Fish and Wildlife – a collaboration among the National Wildlife Federation, American Fisheries Society, and The Wildlife Society.  It celebrates the extraordinary diversity of U.S. wildlife, our historic conservation successes, and calls attention to the work […]


Methane: Importance to Global Warming & Understanding Emission Sources – Webinar for Point Blue by Professor Robert Howarth, Cornell

March 29, 2018

cows and methane March 2018 Howarth

We need to stop use of natural gas (esp. dramatic increase in shale gas/fracking) because of methane leaks and the accelerated risks of reaching climatic tipping points. The dramatic methane increase over the past decade is not from cows. March 19, 2018 Webinar presentation by Professor Robert Howarth, PhD to Point Blue We were very […]


Advancing UN efforts on agriculture for climate change mitigation and adaptation– webinar recordings now available

Agriculture is a special topic under the UNFCCC, cross-linking between adaptation and mitigation and covering all countries under the convention In a recent webinar, participants discussed how the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture can help agricultural development address a triple threat: food security, climate resilience, and mitigation (read more here). March 5 2018 GFAR (Global […]


Rapid emissions reductions would keep CO2 removal and costs in check: 20% below countries’ Paris pledges

Emissions reduction efforts in the next decade pledged by governments under the Paris climate agreement are by far not sufficient to attain the explicit aim of the agreement — they will not keep warming below the 2-degrees-limit. Emissions in 2030 would need to be at least 20 percent below what countries have pledged under the […]


Dramatic increase in flooding on East Coast roads

180328120109_1_900x600 east coast  road flooding

roads along the East Coast have experienced a 90 percent increase in flooding over the past 20 years March 28, 2018 University of New Hampshire read full ScienceDaily article here Researchers have found that in the past 20 years roads along the East Coast have experienced a 90 percent increase in flooding — often making […]