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Climate change forecasts of effects on birds pass the test

December 1, 2017

The results show that the enormous effort being invested into improving tools for forecasting the effect of climate change on species range movement and extinctions is working. November 22, 2017 University of Adelaide read full ScienceDaily article here A major study looking at changes in where UK birds have been found over the past 40 […]


El Niño Might Speed Up Climate Change

Scientists have evidence that El Niño boosts CO2 levels, and they are pinning down how As a carbon booster, El Niño could hasten rising temperatures, bringing the world to dangerous thresholds sooner than thought. It could also enhance feedbacks between climate and vegetation that could reduce plants’ ability to absorb CO2 in non-Niño years as […]


Deep ocean bacteria discovered to play large role in carbon capture

Nitrite-oxidizing bacteria contribute to the capture of carbon dioxide in deep, unlit ocean waters November 27, 2017 Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Marine bacteria that live in the dark depths of the ocean play a newly discovered and significant role in the global carbon cycle, according to a new study. The “dark ocean” — everything […]


Include Biodiversity in Habitat Restoration Policy to Facilitate Ecosystem Recovery

Need to bridge the ‘practice – science gap’ between practitioners and biodiversity research to optimize restoration projects November 27, 2017  Northeastern University College of Science Read full ScienceDaily article here As restoration projects throughout the country focus on restoring natural ecosystems, researchers are looking for ways to better bridge the ‘practice science gap’ between practitioners […]


Entangled North Atlantic right whales’ scat reveal ‘sky-high’ stress levels due to entanglements

Endangered Species Research journal publishes pioneering whale feces research; also being used to investigate unprecedented number of right whale deaths this summer. “These levels show stress from extreme physical trauma. It’s an animal welfare issue.” November 30, 2017 New England Aquarium Read full ScienceDaily article here North Atlantic right whale scientists found that whales who […]


Higher plant diversity may not be enough to protect ecosystems from the worst impacts of climate extremes

Available evidence from herbaceous systems indicates mixed effects of species richness on biomass stability to extremely wet and dry events. November 28, 2017 British Ecological Society (BES) read full ScienceDaily article here Studies on mild fluctuations in weather have provided support for the idea that higher biodiversity results in more stable functioning of ecosystems, but […]


Climate Scientists Watch Their Words, Hoping To Stave Off Funding Cuts

November 29, 2017

November 29, 2017 Rebecca Hersher read full NPR article here Scientists appear to be self-censoring by omitting the term “climate change” in public grant summaries. An NPR analysis of grants awarded by the National Science Foundation found a steadily decreasing number with the phrase “climate change” in the title or summary, resulting in a sharp […]


How do offshore wind farms affect ocean ecosystems?

November 26, 2017

Some scientists say wind turbine areas are like artificial reefs, creating sanctuaries for marine life. But plenty of questions regarding their environmental impact remain. November 22, 2017  Reach Deutsche Welle article here The global shift to renewable energy is well underway, including large-scale deployment of offshore wind farms. There are already about 3,600 turbines operating […]


6 ideas on how SF Bay Area could boost climate change resilience; give your feedback to Resilient by Design by COB today

From floating villages to re-contouring the waterfront, these ideas could help the region safeguard itself from natural disasters and climate change. Read here to see some of the design ideas Please share your thoughts and insights by DECEMBER 1 to Resilient by Design. Your comments will be collected privately and shared with the design teams […]


Restoring floodplains and wetlands offer value-for-money solution to river flooding

New European report: Green Infrastructure and Flood Management: Promoting cost-efficient flood risk reduction via green infrastructure solutions November 21 2017  read full European Environmental Agency article here Investing in ‘green infrastructure’ like restoring floodplains or wetlands to bolster flood prevention not only generates more environmental and socio-economic benefits, especially in the long term, but also […]