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Maximizing successful forest restoration in tropical dry forests

September 25, 2017

tests maximizing success of tree replanting efforts in degraded soils in tropics tree species that were drought tolerant did better soil amendments only helped to get seedlings off to good start September 21, 2017 University of Minnesota read full ScienceDaily article here A new study has uncovered some valuable information on ways to maximize the […]


We must accelerate decarbonization for sustainability and limiting warming to 2C; 66% chance if emissions peak by 2020 and drop by 70% by 2050

66% chance of limiting global temperature increases to below 2C if global energy-related carbon emissions peak by 2020 and fall by more than 70% in the next 35 years Necessitates “deep decarbonisation” of electricity, tdransport, heat, industrial, forestry and agricultural systems across the world Rapid changes in electricity, heat, buildings, industry and mobility are needed […]


Winter cold extremes linked to high-altitude polar vortex weakening

first study to show that changes in winds high up in the stratosphere substantially contributed to the observed winter cooling trend in northern Eurasia. study lends further support that a changing Arctic impacts the weather across large swaths of the Northern Hemisphere population centers. changes in the jet stream that drives our weather can lead […]


A better farm future starts with the soil; Opinion on the next Farm Bill

September 22, 2017

With extreme weather events on the rise and farmers and foresters feeling the effects of a changing climate, however, soil health is now at the forefront of our national conversation. Within the next year, the new 5 year Farm Bill will be reauthorized with implications for every aspect of food and agriculture in the US […]


Quantifying soil carbon measurement for agricultural soils management: 11 white papers

Regardless of what approach is pursued, reliable and cost effective quantification methods are critical to designing and implementing improved management of soil organic matter including soil organic carbon, and C sequestration policies in the land use sector. Together the group, including Point Blue, produced a set of 11 white papers related to soil organic carbon quantification– see […]


Cartoons– Sept 22 2017

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Gassy Cows Warm The Planet. Scientists Think They Know How To Squelch Those Belches

Different diets made a difference in how much methane the cows emitted, but …the least gassy family emitted the least methane no matter what they ate Genetics is playing a big role in shaping which microbes exist in any individual cow’s gut NPR September 22, 2017 Angus Chen Read full NPR story here … The study, […]


Changes in non-extreme precipitation may have not-so-subtle consequences

Everyday precipitation events — not just the extremes — are changing It’s not just the amount of rainfall that’s important …it’s the duration of that rainfall and the amount of time between rainfall and dry periods Hydroelectric plants, storm water drainage systems — any structure that relies on an assumption of expected precipitation — could […]


Efforts to save sea turtles are a ‘global conservation success story’

September 20, 2017 American Association for the Advancement of Science Read full ScienceDaily article here A new study of the world’s seven sea turtle species provides evidence that their numbers are growing overall (unlike many endangered vertebrates), thanks to years of conservation efforts that have played a key role in sea turtle recovery — even […]


Protected waters foster resurgence of West Coast rockfish

Recovering species likely seeding surrounding waters with offspring, new research shows Protecting important ocean habitat promotes the long-term recovery of rockfish such as cowcod and bocaccio that have long been a staple of West Coast fishermen Favorable ocean conditions also played a role September 20, 2017  NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region read full ScienceDaily article […]