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Climate change projected to lead to bigger atmospheric rivers- 25% stronger and doubled frequency

May 25, 2018

Findings project that the atmospheric rivers will be, on average, about 25 percent wider and longer, the global frequency of atmospheric river conditions — like heavy rain and strong winds — will increase by about 50 percent. The frequency of the most intense atmospheric river storms is projected to nearly double. By Esprit Smith,NASA’s Jet […]


Hurricanes: Stronger, slower, wetter in the future

May 22, 2018

A new analysis compares 22 named storms with possible hurricanes of the future. The number of hurricanes and amount of rainfall are expected to increase– increasing concerns regarding coastal development. The rainfall rate of simulated future storms would increase by an average of 24 percent. Hurricane Harvey produced more than 4 feet of rain in […]


World’s biggest fisheries supported by seagrass meadows

Seagrass meadows help to support world fisheries productivity “The chasm that exists between coastal habitat conservation and fisheries management needs to be filled to maximise the chances of seagrass meadows supporting fisheries, so that they can continue to support human wellbeing” May 21, 2018 Swansea University Read full ScienceDaily article here “Scientific research has provided […]


Facing Climate and Water Pressures, Farmers Return to Age-Old Practice of Cover Cropping

May 21, 2018

cover crops George Rose Getty Images

Just 5 percent of California farmers use cover cropping, but that’s likely to increase as researchers work to quantify the amount of water that can be saved by the practice and its benefit for river ecosystems. Funded by a $779,000 grant through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Freshwater Trust is developing a data-driven system to […]


Limiting warming to 1.5 degree C would save majority of global species from climate change

May 18, 2018

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C would save the majority of the world’s plant and animal species from climate change. Species across the globe would benefit — particularly those in Southern Africa, the Amazon, Europe and Australia. Reducing the risk to insects is important because they are vital for ‘ecosystem services’ such as pollinating […]


NASA satellites reveal major shifts in global freshwater; Groundwater depletion in Central Valley due to drought and agriculture

Researchers see a distinctive pattern of the wet land areas of the world getting wetter — those are the high latitudes and the tropics — and the dry areas in between getting dryer. Embedded within the dry areas we see multiple hotspots resulting from groundwater depletion. Significant groundwater depletion observed in California’s Central Valley from […]


Tree die-offs in CA can harm trees on the opposite coast

If a whole forest disappears, new research shows, this has ricocheting effects in the atmosphere that affect vegetation on the other side of the country. The Pacific Southwest region, which covers most of California, has the smallest total area of tree cover. But removing those trees had the biggest influence on growing conditions nationally, by […]


Climate change ruining California’s environment, report warns

Indicators of Climate Change in California Point Blue contributed to this report By Peter Fimrite  May 8, 2018  Read full SF Chron article here Bigger, more intense forest fires, longer droughts, warmer ocean temperatures and an ever shrinking snowpack in the Sierra Nevada are “unequivocal” evidence of the ruinous domino-effects that climate change is having […]


Hurricane season may be even worse in 2018 after a harrowing 2017

The initial forecasts of an above-average season for hurricanes, beginning on 1 June, follow a punishing spate of storms last year Oliver Milman Fri 11 May 2018 Read full GuardianUK article here The US may have to brace itself for another harrowing spate of hurricanes this year, with forecasts of an active 2018 season coming […]


Mixed forests: Ecologically and economically superior around the globe

Meta-analysis provides facts on mixed-species forest stand productivity for science and practice May 9, 2018 Technical University of Munich (TUM) Mixed forests are more productive than monocultures. This is true on all five continents, and particularly in regions with high precipitation. These findings are highly relevant for forest science and forest management on a global […]