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Hallmarks of science missing from North American wildlife hunt management

March 8, 2018

Gray wolf Credit: Kyle A. Artelle

Wildlife conservation in North America may not be science-based after all — per scientists who analyzed all of the publicly available documents describing 667 hunt management systems. Only 9% of management systems had an explanation for how quotas were set and <10% underwent any form of review, including internal reviews, with fewer than six per […]


Sinking land will exacerbate flooding from sea level rise in Bay Area

Subsidence combined with sea level rise around San Francisco Bay could double flood-risk area March 7, 2018 University of California – Berkeley …A new study of subsidence around San Francisco Bay shows that for conservative estimates of sea level rise, twice the area is in danger of flooding by 2100 than previously thought. Some landfill […]


Climate Change Threatens Major Crops in California

California produces over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of its fruits and nuts. By the end of the century California’s climate will no longer be able to support the state’s major crops, including orchards. by Ahmel Ahmed KQED Feb 26 2018  read full article here California currently provides two-thirds of the country’s […]


Increasing frequency of El Ninos could reduce extinction risk of long lived seabirds- new Point Blue study from the Farallon NWR

March 7, 2018

Models found that increasing the frequency of El Ninos (ENSO) led to increasing the frequency of favorable conditions as well as poor, yet overall the population of Brandt’s cormorants was larger and less prone to extinction. March 7 2018 Point Blue scientists, led by Dr. Annie Schmidt, and partners including UC Davis published a new […]


Sea level rise urgently requires new forms of decision making- social choice model

A new decision-making model — a social choice model — adds additional criteria to the economic– including environmental, cultural, or recreational, through public discussion. By using a social choice model, the city would have a richer source of options and ideas to work with. Something that puts all available options on the table and requires […]


Urban Heat: Can White Roofs Help Cool World’s Warming Cities?

It has long been known that installing white roofs helps reduce heat buildup in cities. But new research indicates that making surfaces more light-reflecting can have a significant impact on lowering extreme temperatures – not just in cities, but in rural areas as well. There can be unintended consequences, both on temperature and other aspects […]


Cities Emit 60% More Carbon Than Thought

A new analysis finds that city planners have been under counting greenhouse gas emissions from the products they import. Wealthy cities have reduced emissions but when  emissions associated with consumption of goods and services are included, emissions have grown substantially and are among the highest in the world on a per person basis. Cities should […]


Arctic Spring Is Starting 16 Days Earlier than a Decade Ago, Study Shows

March 6, 2018

by Jonathan Watts March 2 2018 read full Guardian UK article here The Arctic spring is arriving 16 days earlier than it did a decade ago, according to a new study which shows climate change is shifting the season earlier more dramatically the further north you go. The research…comes amid growing concern about the warming […]


Drastic Arctic warm event stuns scientists, as record-breaking temperatures reach the North Pole

The Arctic was 5.1 degrees Celsius warmer than normal on February 27, following several days of unusually hot weather. by Andrew Freedman, Mashable, Feb 26, 2018 read full article here A study published in 2017 found that these types of warming events have been increasing in frequency and duration during winter as the Arctic continues to warm […]


The World Is Embracing SUVs. That’s Bad News for the Climate.

By Hiroko Tabuchi Mar 3 2018 Read full NYTimes article here SUVs and “crossovers” made up more than one in three cars sold globally last year, nearly tripling their share from just a decade ago, according to a new report. Drivers in China, Australia and elsewhere are buying SUVs because of lower gas prices and […]