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Shock and Thaw—Alaskan Sea Ice Just Took a Steep, Unprecedented Dive

May 11, 2018

Weather conditions and a boost from global warming led to the stunning record low ice cover in winter 2018 “There’s never ever been anything remotely like this for sea ice” in the Bering Sea going back more than 160 years The unusual warmth continued throughout this winter, in part because of an atmospheric pattern that […]


Record-breaking ocean heat fueled Hurricane Harvey; volume of rainfall matched volume of ocean evaporation

Hurricane Harvey

Researchers show for the first time that the volume of ocean evaporation matched up with massive overland rainfall Warmer oceans increased the risk of greater hurricane intensity and duration May 10, 2018 National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Read full ScienceDaily article here In the weeks before Hurricane Harvey tore across the […]


Big fish produce disproportionately more and bigger eggs; need to reduce fishing pressure on larger fish to maintain stocks

Taking a single big fish has a bigger impact on the fish population than taking multiple small ones. May 10, 2018 Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute read full ScienceDaily article here Contrary to prevailing dogma, plus-sized female fish invest disproportionately more in making eggs than smaller females. Therefore, taking a single big fish has a bigger […]


Carbon satellite to serve as an important tool for politicians and climate change experts

May 9, 2018

a new French satellite can measure carbon balance far more precisely than the current method, which uses aerial photography. The satellite uses low-frequency passive microwaves to measure the biomass of above ground vegetation 08 May 2018 University of Copenhagen  Read full ScienceDaily article here A new satellite that measures and provides detailed carbon balance information […]


On Climate Change, a Disconnect Between Attitudes and Behavior: Skeptics more likely to behave in eco-friendly ways than those highly concerned

May 8, 2018

A new study finds climate change skeptics are more likely to behave in eco-friendly ways than those who are highly concerned about the issue. An urgent task is to get people who already grasp the problem to actions that align with their concern. Tom Jacobs May 4, 2018 Read full PS Magazine article here Do […]


Greenhouse gas concentrations hit highest level in human history: 410 ppm of CO2

For the first time on record, the average amount of carbon dioxide — the main long-lived gas responsible for global warming — in the air passed 410 parts per million (ppm) for an entire month Andrew Freedman May 3 2018 Read full Mashable article here The Earth’s atmosphere is more saturated with greenhouse gases now […]


Hawaii Passes Bill Banning Chemical Sunscreens That Can Harm Coral Reefs; use mineral sunblocks instead

An estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen is believed to be deposited in oceans annually with the greatest damage found in popular reef areas in Hawaii and the Caribbean. The legislation prohibits the distribution of sunscreens that contain the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate that contribute to coral bleaching when washed off in the ocean. Reef-safe sunscreen […]


California is now the world’s fifth-largest economy, surpassing United Kingdom

Associated Press May 04, 2018 | Read full article here California’s economy has surpassed that of the United Kingdom to become the world’s fifth largest, according to new federal data made public Friday. California’s gross domestic product rose by $127 billion from 2016 to 2017, surpassing $2.7 trillion, the data said. Meanwhile, the U.K.’s economic […]


New study finds climate change threatens marine protected areas

The projected warming of 2.8 degrees Celsius (or 5 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100 would fundamentally disrupt the ecosystems currently located in marine protected areas. May 7 2018  UNC  Read full article here Researchers found that most marine life in marine protected areas will not be able to tolerate warming ocean temperatures caused by greenhouse gas […]


Impacts of windfarm construction noise on harbor porpoises

Researchers demonstrate how the framework can be used for spatial planning to partly mitigate population impacts of disturbances. May 7 2018 Read full ScienceDaily article here Scientists from Germany, Denmark and the UK have built a model tool to predict what happens to marine animals when exposed to noise from the construction and operation of […]