How cool are Cassin's auklets and why do they need your help?

The Cassin’s auklet is a seabird that can dive to depths of over 40 meters to capture its main food source: krill, a shrimp-like animal that sustain the entire marine food web. Because Cassin's auklets eat krill, they serve as excellent indicators of the overall health of the marine ecosystem. Once numbering over 100,000 on the Farallones, their current population is less than one quarter of their historic abundance, and they remain vulnerable to shifts in the marine ecosystem expected to result from climate change.


Point Blue’s campaign is dedicated to the protection and monitoring of Cassin’s auklets and the restoration of its habitat on the Farallon Islands. Your donation will support our campaign to protect the Farallon Island colony, increase and improve artificial nesting habitat, monitor birds at their nest throughout the breeding season and learn from Cassin’s about the health of our local marine ecosystem.

All donations go directly towards helping to monitor and restore the Farallon Islands, for generations to come.

Adopt an auklet today!

What do you get when you adopt?

When you donate $100 you are leasing a nest box on the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge for a Cassin’s auklet family for one year.  You will receive:

We have a limited number of auklet boxes available for adoption. So Hurry! Adopt an auklet today!

By adopting an auklet you are supporting and joining a legacy of dedicated and innovative scientific research and monitoring by Point Blue biologists that spans back to 1968.  Your support will help us continue our scientific stewardship of this unique and important place on earth for many more decades.

Adopt an auklet today and join the Farallon family of scientists, seabirds, and stewards!

Thank you for your gift that will help protect Cassin’s auklets and all of the wildlife on the Farallon Islands for generations to come.

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