As we prepare to celebrate Point Blue’s 50th anniversary in the spring of 2015, we are especially grateful to you, our supporters and partners, who have made our journey possible. Together, we have amassed some of the longest-term, continuous data sets on birds in the world. These data provide invaluable insights into environmental change and drive our collaborative conservation approaches in California and beyond.Together, we have published more than 2,000 technical reports and peer-reviewed scientific articles. We use these findings to address real-world challenges, working hand-in-hand with land, ocean and wildlife managers to improve conservation outcomes.

Together, we have trained generations of conservation scientists, including many leadership staff at Point Blue! The vast majority of the 1500 interns we have graduated work with public and private natural resource managers, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Your generous year-end donation will help us understand and protect nature’s gifts over the next 50 years! Together, we have advanced our common mission of conserving birds, other wildlife and ecosystems, building on our core strengths of scientific rigor, collaboration, innovation, excellence and integrity.

From writing the book on bird monitoring and using birds as indicators of ecosystem health, to protecting birds, sharks, whales and ocean food webs, pioneering climate-smart habitat restoration, and innovating on-line conservation tools, Point Blue has been at the forefront of protecting nature for half a century.

With your support, we will continue advancing our conservation science leadership to address the significant challenges of our time.

Thanks to the visionary founders of Point Reyes Bird Observatory in 1965, we are now able to address the significant challenges of our time. We are leaders in developing climate-smart conservation science approaches to address severe drought, rising and more acidic seas, increasingly extreme weather events, and accelerating habitat degradation and loss. We are spearheading nature-based solutions to these and other threats to wildlife and our communities.

With more than 140 scientists, as well as a growing team of educators and habitat restoration specialists; with almost a half-billion ecological observations from our work and that of our collaborators across the country and the world; and, with dedicated supporters and partners, like you; we have the tools and know-how to help secure a hopeful and healthy future for the next 50 years!

Over the decades ahead, with your continued support, Point Blue will:
• Assess, guide and improve climate-smart conservation;
• Maximize the use of long-term ecological data for problem solving worldwide;
• Advance the application of conservation science to protect nature’s benefits for
wildlife and people; and,
• Train new generations of climate-smart conservation leaders.

Help us secure a hopeful and healthy future with your gift today.

We believe that because of the collaborative, climate-smart conservation work we do today, healthy ecosystems will continue to sustain thriving wildlife and human communities well into the future.

With your generosity, we will continue to guide and inspire positive conservation outcomes for a healthy, blue planet, teeming with life. Thank you!

Ellie M. Cohen 
President and CEO

Ed Sarti
Chair, Board of Directors

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“Point Blue has blazed the path for putting decades of bird data to work in the service of conservation.”
David Pashley, PhD
Vice President for Domestic Partnerships, American Bird Conservancy

“With their focus on high-quality science that is understandable, available and usable to managers, Point Blue is a critical player in achieving conservation in the face of climate change and other environmental stressors.”
Diana Craig
Deputy Director for Ecosystem Management Staff, USDA Forest Service, Region 5

“Point Blue is helping shape a critical, forward-looking vision
for how science can inform and inspire us to take climate-smart actions—asking not whether we can but what is the best way to meet conservation challenges.”
Nadine Peterson
Deputy Executive Officer, California Coastal Conservancy

“With the profound and unprecedented changes now underway in our environment, Point Blue’s training in support of tomorrow’s scientists and conservationists is invaluable.”
Jeffrey Kimball
Kimball Foundation and Point Blue Board of Directors

Your gift of cash, securities, and/or property fuels our success. For more information, please visit: or contact Nancy Gamble at 707.781.2554 or Point Blue gratefully accepts legacy gifts. To learn more, please contact Stacey Atchley at 707.781.2547 or

The Point Reyes Bird Observatory Fund was established to honor our history and to maintain and expand our commitment to bird conservation. Gifts to this fund are restricted to supporting our long-term bird ecology studies based at the Palomarin Field Station (in Point Reyes National Seashore) and the Farallon Islands (at the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge). To learn more, please visit

Palomarin Field Station

Palomarin Field Station. Photo by Diana Humple/Point Blue.

Point Blue interns at the Palomarin Field Station. Photo by Lishka Arata/Point Blue.


Southeast Farallon Island Field Station

Farallon Island Field Station. Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Your gift today helps secure the next generation of climate-smart conservation leaders!


Farallon intern with Rhinoceros Auklet. Photo by Annie Schmidt/Point Blue.

There are very few places on Earth where scientists can ask the kinds of questions about environmental change that Point Blue addresses on the Farallones.

Your generous donation supports our research on the Farallones and the rich ocean ecosystem off the California Coast.

The Farallon Island Field Station serves as our laboratory in the Pacific. The island refuge has the largest seabird breeding colony in the contiguous United States with over 300,000 individuals of 13 species, as well as, five species of seals and sea lions, and white sharks. The refuge hosts unique populations of plants, salamanders, and the Farallon camel cricket. This national wildlife refuge also provides a stopover site for hundreds of species of migrant and vagrant land birds.

Unmatched in the lower 48 states, this concentration occurs just 30 miles outside the Golden Gate within the county of San Francisco! The islands, protected from human disturbance, are truly a “natural laboratory” for understanding the negative impacts of changes in the ocean environment and for developing science-based solutions.

Point Blue’s other field stations, from TomKat Ranch (south of San Francisco) to Cape Crozier (Antarctica), place our scientists at the frontline of reducing the impacts of climate change and a growing human population on nature’s health.

Thank you for your most generous gift to help ensure that our scientists continue to advance conservation of birds, other wildlife and nature’s benefits well into the future!