On Saturday, January 26, 2013, over 450 people gathered to pay tribute to Rich Stallcup and to celebrate the 2012 Bird-A-Thon. The evening featured special guests and tributes about Rich's amazing and inspiring life, along with awards for 2013 Bird-A-Thon teams and counters.

2012 Rich Stallcup
Bird-A-Thon Awards


Most money raised by a PRBO Intern



First Place - Kim Kayano
Second Place - Nora Livingston



Most money raised by PRBO staff


First Place - Rich Stallcup
(accepted by Heather Cameron)
Second Place - STRAWlings


Most money raised by a board member


First Place - Ed Sarti
Second Place - Carolyn Johnson


Most money raised by a first time participant


First place - Sarah Stierch
Second Place - Robin Leong


Most money raised by an individual


Mike Parmeter


Most money raised by a county team


Marin Ninja Kinglets - Rich Stallcup, Heather Cameron


Most bird species identified - Non county team


State Park Kestrels (129) - Craig Swolgaard, Gary Fregien, Chris Conard, Dan Kopp, Michael Park


Parmeter Prize for highest % of county list based on Joe Morlan's list for 2012 Inland Counties


Napa Knock Your Species Off (37%) - Robin Leong, Jim Lomax, Michael Park, Calvin Lou

County Division Winners: Highest # of species


Coastal Counties


Sonoma Gray Jays - 170 - Alan Wight, Rick LeBaudour, Lisa Hug, Mike Parmeter


Bay Counties


Alameda Godwits - 157 - Susanne Methvin, John Luther, Nat Weber, Ray Witbeck


Inland Counties


Napa Knock Your Species Off - 115 - Robin Leong, Jim Lomax, Michael Park, Calvin Lou


Out of State


First Place - Montana Magpies - 125 - Robin Wolcott, Ed Harper, John Parker, Nate Kohler

Second Place - New Mexico Big Day - 122 - John Parmeter, Jerry Oldenettel, Bill Wittman


Special Youth Team Recognition


Drake's Bay Sanderlings - Noah Arthur, Pierre Beaurang, Catherine Berner, Cristofer Goodman, Aaron Haiman, Logan Kahle, Stephen Montano (Team Leader Ellen Blustein)

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