By giving generously today, you can turn science into impact.

Our rapidly changing planet faces hugely complex challenges from climate change, habitat loss, and other environmental stressors. Today’s urgent problems call for more than stand-alone innovations—we need bold, far-reaching conservation solutions to affect real change. And you can help!

Point Blue has been a conservation leader for more than 50 years, pioneering climate-smart science from Alaska to Antarctica and the Sierra to the Pacific Ocean. We empower our partners and our communities to help nature adapt and become more resilient to change. We need your support now to keep up the collaborative progress we’ve made to protect wildlife and ecosystems on land and sea, for the benefit of our environment, our economy, and our communities.

To make a greater impact, faster, Point Blue is scaling up our ambitious, nature-based solutions to Earth’s most pressing problems. Your gift is a powerful catalyst for spreading proven conservation models and tools that can make a difference on a larger scale.

Taking Climate-Smart Restoration to the World

Your generous support helps Point Blue expand our award-winning STRAW (Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed) Program throughout California and internationally. This spring, our educators and restoration experts will be pilot-testing our successful STRAW model to the Sierras as we bring together teachers, students, restoration specialists, and community members to restore mountain meadows. We’re also collaborating with partners at the US Fish and Wildlife Service and The Nature Conservancy to develop a climate-smart restoration plan for 300 acres along the Sacramento River. And, thanks to the support of friends like you, we’ll be sharing our proven climate-smart restoration framework on a global scale at the Integrative Sciences for Rivers Conference in France this spring.

Preparing Communities for Tomorrow’s Coastlines

Point Blue is helping coastal communities prepare for rising sea levels, stronger storms, and more flooding by expanding the Our Coast Our Future (OCOF) tool.  Already covering Southern California and the San Francisco Bay area, OCOF will now expand to the Central Coast. Developed in partnership with the US Geological Survey, NOAA, and others, OCOF’s data-driven scenarios help key decision-makers understand vulnerabilities and plan for action. Over 75 organizations including CalTrans and the California Coastal Commission are actively using OCOF information for climate-smart planning!

Make a Bigger Impact for Whales and Ocean Health

Our work to protect whales from ship strikes recently prompted Rep. Alan Lowenthal to introduce a congressional bill called “The Blue Whales and Blue Skies Act.” H.R. 3682 directs NOAA to continue our partnership program that slows ships to protect whales and reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution. The bill also calls for the expansion of the program to Southern California. With your support, we’ll be working in the coming months to help NOAA slow ships and reduce whale collisions in the highest vessel traffic areas off San Francisco and Long Beach.

From Innovation to Impact

You can help us scale-up our innovative climate-smart science to make a greater impact for the health of our planet. With your support, we will put our science into action on a scale that secures a more sustainable future for us all.